Genesis Studios provides high-end graphic design for a wide range of needs, specializing in logos and corporate identity. When it comes to design philosophy, the 'come up with three options' approach is not followed. I totally believe that I can produce a better design by first having a great consultation in which you, the client, reveal the heart of what you are after, and then producing a first look at my faithful interpretation of the project. I have found great success in this method, and my clients love it. They also love not having to pay for extraneous time to furnish pointless options that they would discard anyway.


Graphic Design Services - $50/hr

Custom graphic design services including a great consultation, first look and revisions; includes revisions until you love the design. 



  • Projects are estimated after consultation

  • Estimates may be revised over the course of the project

  • Extensive revisions may incur extra costs, but clients will be notified before proceeding

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